Designated Pilot Examiner/Ground & Flight Instructor

Idalo C. Masi

DPE; CFI; MEI; CFII; CPL; ATP; A&P; IA; FAASTeam Representative

Idalo began his career as a helicopter mechanic in the US Air Force in 1984. He expanded his experience to working on general aviation aircraft as well as large aircraft such as the MD-11. He started flying in 1988 and received his private license shortly afterwards. After receiving his Inspection Authorization certificate in 1991, while working for AeroTest, his love for flying allowed him to continue his training.


In 1995, he received his Commercial Pilot Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor Airplane for single engine land, multi engine land, and instrument as well as Advanced Ground and Instrument Ground Instructor. With that training, he began training others at ComAir Academy. In 1999, he also received his Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with a type rating in CE-500 and followed it with a FCC Radiotelephone Operator Permit in 2000. Adding to his aviation abilities, he became a Designated Pilot Examiner.


He has enjoyed working as a corporate pilot for over ten years, as well as, a Flight School Director, Instructor, and Charter Pilot at Aviation Technologies Inc and Public Charters Inc. for over 5 years. He continues to enjoy training others who wish to learn to fly and has over 4,000 hours of flight & SIM instruction.

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